Welcome to Orianna Hill Park!

Know simply as “The Dog Park” around the Neighborhood, Orianna Hill Park is an L-shaped parcel of land used by dogs and their owners, picnicers, and gardeners.
You can find the gates to Orianna Hill Park on, where else, Orianna Street.

The dog runs extend from Orianna Street east to N. 3rd Street with entry and exit gates
on the Orianna street side.

There is a gate to the small Picnic Park on the corner of Orianna and Poplar Streets.
The 20 year old Community Garden is entered through the picnic area on
Park’s eastern border.

The Park is maintained by users and donors.

Click on the short video below to find out more about Orianna Hill Park…


Register your dog(s) by clicking on the Registry tab above,
or by clicking HERE.

Or join our Registry of Donors by clicking HERE. (under construction)

Remember, use of the Park is always at your own risk. Dog owners are held responsible for their dogs. The Board of Directors collects information about each dog that is registered through this site in order to help connect users of the Park when issues arise.

Users of Orianna Hill ParkĀ  are expected to resolve issues and/or disputes
among themselves.

Please take a few minutes to review our RulesĀ  of Use by clicking HERE.
You will be asked to confirm that you have read them when you register your dog.


See you there…